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About Us

Why Une Femme de Ménage?

For customer first

Une Femme de Ménage has been founded on november 17, 2016 to resolved a miss. No website was offering services ads only. There was only classields ads website that are not specialized in services.

The website goal is to offer to people a list of ads sorted from the nearest ads position of the customer. Always in the goal to help customer easily.

Always with the gold to help people, the website offer a list of ads that don't have expiration date. Because a service as no expiration date. The only way an ads will be remove is because the professionnal that add it stop to offer is services.

We are there help you find easily what you're searching for.

How It Works?

An efficient tool to publish your services efficiently.



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Are you ready for the posting you ads on this Site?

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Why Choose Us?

We are a unique vehicule that let your ads to be published on Google.

Provide Free Ads

Put up to three free services ads without any expiration.

Best Ad Ratings

We put the priority to check every ads for keep quality ads on the site.

Provide Post Features

This paid options can help you to reach 25% more customer.

See your Ad Progress

Each ads have a statistic page to helps you view your progress.

User Friendly

A user friendly interface easy to use for visitors and advertiser.

A quality support

We do our best to help you rapidly.

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Our Team

A little team that do a lot.

Yan Cadorette

Vice-President progrmamation and development

Founder of the group, he let Mathieu Masse enter the team for better effort.

Mathieu Masse

VP Marketing and Innovation

He join the team in 2018 to help the team with is innovative idea.