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Because your business is important and you care about a CLEAN ENVIRONMENT, and a SAFE WORKPLACE for you and your employees, we are here- we are SHINER'S CLEANING SERVICES. Let us give you peace-of-mind, and comfort in knowing that you have taken proactive measures!

CALL US! We enjoy giving you a place where you can work and breathe easily with confidence, knowing that your environment is more HEALTHY for YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES.

Our cleaning systems and service technicians are consistent, professional and effective. IT'S NOT JUST CLEAN, IT'S SHINER’S CLEAN!!

These are the services that we offer:

SANITIZATION and DECONTAMINATION of all surfaces, which include:

- floors, walls, ceilings, board/meeting tables
- doors, doorways, fixtures and window interiors
- common areas (waiting rooms, reception areas, and break/lunch rooms)
- your board rooms/meeting rooms
- your workspace surfaces (desktops, presentation boards)

We include your cabinet and file cabinet exteriors.
We sanitize furniture and cubicle dividers with steam.
We sanitize your office and workspace garbage bins using potent antibacterial solutions.

We ensure that our cleaning technicians use fully-sterile maintenance suits and masks in order to minimize the risk of bacterial transfer, and use only top-quality cleaning products.

- 500sqft (or less) = $375.00 [for offices larger than 500sqft, call for estimate]
- carpet flooring = $105.00 per office /room
- tile/hardwood steam-cleaning = $45.00 per office/room
- single-stall bathroom chemical decontamination = $154.00
- additional stalls = $40.00 each
- restroom tile steam-cleaning = $60.00
- hallway tile steam cleaning = $45
Add tax.

Ask us about our COMMERCIAL RESTROOM CLEANING SERVICES, as well as our other services and specials at aaa.bbb. Contact us today!

Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm (weekend appointments available upon request)

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